On our last trip up to CALI we stopped in Sacramento to party with our friends in OUTSIDERS. Spent a little over 2 weeks just cruising with homies. While on our little trip, NOCEAN CLOTHING filmed a quick music video for their song “BOMB AND SHELLS.” Of course we shot it at a bar! lol Had a blast working with OUTSIDERS and shooting this project. Thanks for everyone who showed up and helped us out. Couldn’t have done it with the help of our friends! We’ve know these guys for a long time, and they are some the coolest people you’ll ever meet. Can’t wait to see what these guys are gonna do in the future!
check them out: https://www.facebook.com/OUTSIDERS916/

This video showcases some NEW THREADS (Artifact A and Artifact B).

We are always looking for NEW ARTIST to work with! Whether its hooking you up with FREE STUFF or just shouting you out, we love helping and supporting other creatives!

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