68 Years for these 35mm slides – April 21, 1949

In a digital age, there is nothing quite like holding an actual photo. These particular slides are from Hawaii in 1949, and are turning 68 years old on APRIL 21st. They were a RUSH order made by KODAK HAWAII LTD. dated April 21, 1949. These photos were taken by Kenneth L Murphy. After doing some research I finally found some documents of Kenneth and his family. Kenneth L Murphy was born in 1929. This is a Passenger List to Hawaii dated July 22, 1931.


His father George Murphy and mother Blanche Murphy were originally from Canada. Kenneth would have been 20 years old when he took these photos. In 1949 Hawaii wasn’t even a US state yet. We had just had a World War and Harry S. Truman was president. The LUCKY LADY II (B-50 Superfortress) was able to complete the first non-stop Airplane flight around the world.┬áThese photos were taken in time when people were just starting to travel the world. Photography was becoming affordable enough for everyone. For the first time your adventures had a tangible item, and your stories had a face.



There are 16 slides in the set. The photos are of an aerial adventure Kenneth L Murphy had taken over Hawaii 1949.



ALL these 1949 35mm slides will be sold as a set in our STORE.

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  1. The Cambia negatives for the 1985-86 and 1995-96 school years were just found when cleaning out a science closet at Oak Park.

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