• U S E D

    Just like people, used items always have more stories. Went rummaging with my brother to find some random lenses for his Nikon. Found this dope 200, that he talked his way into owning for only $70. I on the other hand, didn’t find a single Canon lens. Although, I did find an entire box of […]

  • LIFE

    Here’s some killer clips of our homies from ridehi.net wearing some of our clothing! These guys run the BEST BMX SITE IN HAWAII! They are all over the place, hitting spots all over the islands. Check out there website for whats really going down with Hawaii Riding. FEATURING: KJ BRIAN JORDYN

  • LIFE

    [Nocean Clothing showcases and promotes individuals who live a creative lifestyle.] Nocean is a Hawaii/California based clothing company ran by creatives. We are individuals trying to find our inspiration and place in the world. This last year we have been traveling…and traveling. Took a break and chilled out in NOR CAL for couple months, just […]